The administration of the Company implements quality management system according to international standard ISO 9001:2008. The company is certified by TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS.

CHOROMETRIA comprehends that the customers appoint the quality, based on their anticipations and the ability of the company to correspond to these anticipations, - as part of its overall experience and cooperation with it.

CHOROMETRIA provides the higher possible quality and value in every transaction with her customers, to win their trust and confidence and to accomodate them to apply with succes the technology and the scientific knowledge for the achievement of their business targets.
In this frame, the company follows a specific quality policy. This policy aims to improve the collaboration with the customers in all phases that is the correspodence to the customers needs the continuous improvement of the relations and in general the development of the customers trust.

The complete approach of CHOROMETRIAS quality policy it is based on the below bases:

  • In the quality service of the customers. For the personnel, the fulfillment of the targets and the cover of the customers needs form basic priority. It is the element that pushes them to progress.
  • In the continuous informing for the progress of the technologies in the section of its occupation, in the training and enlist them in the productive procedure and the provided service.
  • In the environmental consideration of the technical solutions, is one of the basic components of the provided services.
  • In the structure and the experiences of projects that has accomplished, which are related with the quality policy, in the organization level.

In the concern of the safety and the health of the employees, the development of the co-operative spirit.
The Quality Administration System satisfies two basis targets of the company:

  1. the achievement and maintenance of the quality required with the less possible cost. For the fulfilment of this target, requires a planning and efficient use of all of the company's materials and human resources and means.
  2. The full satisfaction of the customers demands , with the accomplishment of studies / projects and the provide of services in a standard quality level , with final scope to obtain their trust .Measurable marks have been defined in order to certify the above.

The management of the company has the responsibility to apply the Quality Management System and invites all the staff to participate in this effort.

Quality Management Manager is Mr. Xanos Michal, which has the responsibility of providing any contribution and help in the phase of the planning and in the everyday practice of the Quality Management System.