«CHOROMETRIA» CONSULTANTS ENGINEERS G. DIMITRIOU & ASSOCIATES PARTNERSHIP LTD is a company occupied with public works studies, under Greek law (Transportation design, cadastral, mapping).

Our base is in Athens , 68 , 3rd Septembriou St. , 10433 , Our company , established in 1998 , is a development of the company CHOROMETRIA PUBLIC WORKS STUDIES ( year of establishment 1994) , which now activates in private sections , as well as in the individual study offices of its founding members , which activate in the area of public and private works studies since 1981.

The company is registered at the Register scholars of public works of Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks and has the following design degrees:

  • Category 10 (Transportation Engineering) Level of degree E employing 16 units.
  • Category 16(Topography projects) Level of degree E employing 19 units.
  • Category 02(City planning) Level of degree A employing 1 unit.

The full computerization of the projects, supported by Modern Greek and international software in combination with high training and the know how of the staff, and the modern measuring equipment guarantees the quality and the reliability of the provided services.

Our company is is certified by the ΤUV AUSTRIA HELLAS and applies a quality management system in accordance with international standard ISO 9001:2008



The offered services of the company are separated in two basic sections - scientific units:

  • The section of Surveying Engineering (Surveing engineering studies, Photogrametric studies, cadastral studies – GIS)
  • And the section of Transportation Engineering (Urban Road Construction, long distance network, station of cars accomodations,railway network )


In the section of Surveying Engineering the company has developed important activity in the following distributed scientific fields:

Surveying Engineering Studies : It concerns the classic survey , all kind of ground measurments , cadastral studies, Road Cadastral studies, with special emphasis in modern technology of maesurement - record ( G.P.S. ) and correspondigly the most up - to - date and easy to handle software and digital designing . The company and its members have elaborated several studies for the urban planning organization, with special emphasis in urban design and town planning.

Photogrammetry Studies : the company undertakes with absolute scientific adequacy the completion of photogrammetry projects , production of digital orthophoto and photogrammetry plans in various scales ( Aerophoto missions , Photogrammetry scanning , Aerotriangulations , Photo Mosaic , Digital Terain Model ) .

Cadastral Studies - G.I.S.: The Company elaborates cadastral studies for the creation of the National Cadastre, but also all kind of special cadastre and records (Viticultural and Olive Cadastre), providing services in gathering of the cadastral material and in the codification and organization of them in data base and completed georgafical information systems (G.I.S.).

In the section of Transportation Engineering the special sections of activity concern : Urban Road Construction , Traffic studies , Studies of Road Improvement in Country or National Road Network , special Traffic design ( parking - station of cars accomadations )

The environmental consideration of the technical solutions , is one of the basic components of the projects of the company , which already has a major experience and continual updating from elaboration studies of Environmental Effeccts for the constuction of technical projects .



During the elaboration of the above mentioned projects , we have been collaborated with a big variety of public trades ( Ministries , Regions, Prefectures , Municipalities ) and with organizations and companies of public and private interests ( Kthmatologio S.A. , Egnatia Odos S.A. , Association of Public Land S.A. , Asprofos S.A. , Bipetba S.A. , Depos S.A., Olympia Odos S.A. )